Maurizio Bianchi

Cto - Electronic Designer

Maurizio Bianchi is an Electronic Engineer focused in TLC and ICT development with 20 years experience of projects in multiple technologies, functions and industries. He possesses deep knowledge of the IT industry, and has a proven ability to lead teams in defining and developing both hardware and software solutions. He is one of the founders of Power Engineering SRL and since 2013 is responsible for company R&D and Product Development. His expertises include full lifecycle product management experience, including hardware and software development, validation and installation, software/hardware testing, user acceptance testing and release to mass production. He owns strong proficiency in C/C++, ASP, PHP, Java, SQL acquired during years of work in companies such as Siemens and Flextronics. With an optimal background mix in computer hardware and software, firmware development, applications and programming, he is able to operate in today environment which is constantly evolving due to technological advances.

Vincenzo Pirone

Business Development

Chemical-biologist, is responsible for the Coordination of Institutional Relations and Communication of Power Engineering SRL. Already Technical Director of Pharmaceutical Establishments Richardson-Merrell, has held numerous positions in chemical companies devoted special efforts to research and technological development of new molecules. For several years he has collaborated with the DIMP (Department of Materials Engineering and Production Engineering), participating in the drafting of projects, laws and environmental measures on behalf of other public bodies. For years, as scientific-technitian of the Willy Brandt Foundation, he was in charge of promoting and coordinating international cooperation projects and master's in the field of sustainable development, utilization of renewable energy sources and the dissemination of best practices in industrial processes. In this role he worked, and set up projects in several countries. Strongly committed to the defense of the territory, has been teaching in the preparation of technical operators engaged in rehabilitation and environmental restoration related to public and private facilities. He has a long experience in pyrolysis and gasification of biomass for the production of heat and electricity.

Georgia De Angelis

Graphic Designer

Graduate at the Art Academy, is able to operate both in instruments and traditional media - from publishing graphic visual identity of companies and organizations, from the packaging to the identity of the brand, the announcement advertising the design of the body of an exhibition - is also in all ways and languages related to new media and digital technologies: the web in all its ramifications, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets), digital publishing, motion graphics for video and television. She has the capability to create, coordinate and manage communication events, creating graphic formulas articulated, coherent and mutually suitable for graphic current continuously evolving. From 2013 collaborates with Power Engineering SRL developing graphics solutions especially for web service platforms.

Saverio Piccirillo

Electronic Design

With over twenty years of experience in the digital electronics and Information Technologies equipment, he develops advanced electronic solutions with particular regard to microprocessor devices and radiofrequency modules, producing both hardware and firmware. He gained considerable experience in security systems for access control both by sensors and by analog / IP video surveillance. Since 2017 collaborates with Power Engineering SRL as a designer of wireless solutions and developer of IoT devices.

Vincenzo Spatarella

Mechanical Designer

Mechanical Engineer, employeed in Power Solutions srl. Since 2011 he has been engaged in the design, permitting (article 12 Legislative Decree 387/03, connection to the national grid, environmental impact, DIA/building permit, Customs Agency etc.), construction and operation of power plants producing energy from renewable sources and in particular photovoltaics, liquid biomass and wind power. He has had experience in the management practices of electric power plants fueled by renewable sources, liaising with the authorities required to provide for authorization and to prepare the documents required by them. It argued qualification courses related to RSPP (Head of the Prevention and Protection ) and coordinator temporary and mobile , Leg. April 9, 2008 n.81 ), energy certification with certificate of qualification and registration to the ACE ( Association of Energy Certification ).