Power Engineering SmartPLC presented

As in 2014, also in 2015 Power Engieering srl was among the M2MForum sponsors. M2M Forum 2014 launched “IoX”, Internet of People and Things: new thematic area, is to create an echo-system and a bridge between members of these new supply chains, starting from “legacy” world of Electronics and Industrial Automation to new professionals in emerging Web 2.0, Makers and Crowdesign. In particular in IoX session the focus was on the connection, between Smart Things, UX-user experience- and Crowdesing, according to the idea that “the smart object will be nice and functioning and viceversa”. Noteworthy, in this thematic area, was the scientific collaboration with magazine “Firmware” that organized and moderated a session of the conference.

New SmartNODE Access Point Firmware

A new firmware for SmartNODE SNE1 has been released. The new firmware contains a step by step connection wizard in Italian and English language.

Power Line Analyzer functions available!

Power Line analyzer functions have been released after a deep development timeframe.